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… so my other half is behind me, taking Betty the rest of the way apart.  With a repair manual next to him.  I’m sweating bullets, but he swears it’s a good thing.  Sigh.  Keep your fingers crossed for me!!

(BTW – he busts Betty, I’ve informed him he’s buying me a brand new equivalent.  Ahem.)


Birthday Goodies – A Belated Post… (Part One)


This is über late – my birthday is the seventh of this lovely month – but I decided to share my goodies in a couple of posts.  Firstly, I decided to give proper props to my kids by giving them their own post, as they each contributed lots of loveliness to my day! ^_^

My Youngest made a large, sweet production about a Kiss on the Cheek.  An absolutely fab present if I do say so, myself.

Youngest Son

Youngest Son (Pardon the lack of shirt. It's a phase, lol.)

Middle Son gave me pin money from his very tightly cared for (hoarded? 😉 ) savings stash and basically said, go to Goodwill, look for yarn, knock yourself out.  So I did.  Couldn’t find any yarn, but I did find these three things, between the Goodwill and another local thrift store (benefiting Haven House)*:

Middle Son's Pressies

A small but lovely stash!  First is the Mere Poulard cookie tin from Mont Saint-Michel.  Found that at Haven House for 99 cents.  Pleased as punch with this, as it perfectly fits all my little crochet needles and notions.  You can’t beat a French biscuit tin for that, I figure. ^_-Biscuit Tin

I also splurged on a little remnant of Holly Hobby quilted fabric.  Mom made me a bathrobe out of the same print when I was little.  I’m hoping, if I can get my sewing machine sorted out, to make something from it, even though it’s an odd little leftover.  It’s in fabulous shape, though.

My final gift from Middle Son was a gently used copy of Peace is Every Step, by Thich Nhat Hanh.  I have been wanting a copy of this book for ages and was delighted to find it at a really cake_mania2good price at Goodwill.  Used is recycled, which is great!

And last, but certainly not least, my Eldest urged me to download Cake Mania 2 for my birthday and funded said venture.  If you’ve not played it, think Tetris with cake, though it’s nowhere near as epic as Tetris, of course.  Several years ago I bought the original and played it entirely too much until I won.  I’ve yet to get anywhere close to that with this one, which is good on a variety of levels. ^_-  Hopefully that means I’m being more productive, haha!

I couldn’t be more thrilled – thanks boys! ^_^

*We have a third one, benefiting Caring and Sharing, which I love to support.  Good organization, great volunteers, important mission!  I just don’t often make it there during the right hours.

A Little Yarn Expedition


I had to go into town, so while I was there I hit up Tuesday Morning and Wally-World looking for budget-friendly yarn.  I’m still a newbie, so I wasn’t looking for anything fine, just workable and practical yarn for a beginner.

Tuesday Morning was mostly a bust, ‘though there were two small packets of  Bernat Organic Cotton.   I didn’t think it was a good enough deal at the time (three balls for $4.99) so I didn’t get it.  In retrospect, looking at the Herrschner’s Yarn Sale, I guess it was a decent deal.  Ah well.  The Lion Brand Homespun *definitely* wasn’t at a good enough price.  Actually, I wasn’t hugely impressed by the whole store – the prices weren’t what I’d call…a bargain.

I  dropped by Wal-Mart’s craft section while I was out – I got 2 skeins of Caron’s Simply Soft Eco in White and one in Natural, as well as two Red-Heart Super-Savers, one in Dark Sage, and one in Claret – all for a dollar a piece.  The latter two I view as practice yarn more than anything else – a bit scratchy, but good for practice scarves, hats, etc.  The Caron yarn I love – I had already bought a skein of Ocean on sale ($2) for my middle son – he wanted a “lovey” blanket to cuddle under, which I did make – I didn’t think to photograph it, though – guess I should.  Their Simply Soft Eco line is really soft, though a bit friable – hard to keep from separating strands, sometimes.  The fun thing is – it’s partially made of recycled plastic bottles.

Hmm – Wonder if this Will Help…?


I was poking around Ravelry a couple of days ago and found a mention of crochet hook cushions on the Learn Crochet group board.  I had started to wonder – I find that if I’m working on something that requires a finer hook and smaller gauge, I still have issues with hand cramping and aching.  These:

Crochet Hook Cushion

Crochet Hook Cushion

…look fabulous!  I look forward to getting some, as well as trying out different hook styles – perhaps that will help, as well.

I Think I’m in Love…. ^_^


allg-ip-cp-350x345-50 Via the Persnickety Knitter, I found this lovely guy.  Wow!  Not that I have any hope of something that glorious any time soon, but a gal can dream, yes?  ^_^  Anyway, hope P.K. doesn’t mind me borrowing the picture – what a lovely image and what great inspiration!!

Hooks and Aches


I’ve been really struggling to get a real project done, crochet-wise.  If I sit and crochet for a long period of time, my hands begin to ache through the base of my thumb, in towards my palm, and then also across the outside edge of my wrist down through my upper arms.

I haven’t been able to figure out what’s going on here.  I don’t get swelling or numbness – just a very strong feeling of hyper-fatigued muscles so tired they want to cramp.  To me this doesn’t sound like arthritis or carpal tunnel.  So I’ve been trying to track down what it could be….

I’ve been typing for more than twenty years, but beyond a little bit of tiring after a while, I seldom have an issue with it.  I have always tried to take care with my typing technique in an effort to avoid getting a repetitive stress injury like carpal tunnel.  On the other hand, I do have a very hard time writing by hand for very long – I get the response I get when I crochet.

Anyway, I have a lot of ideas, but no specific thoughts on how to proceed.  Any feedback, y’all?