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Blargh and Double Blargh


Well, I missed a day and got all morose about it – this is why I’ve not posted recently. My other half asked why I didn’t schedule posts for when things are busy.  Talk about a total facepalm moment. ;p

Betty still isn’t finished.  Sigh.  The DH swears it’ll be done this week.  We’ll see.

I’m mostly trying to stay up on just mom and work stuff right now.  I have plans, but we’ll see how they pan out.

As I move towards creative effort, I consider eventually supplementing my income.  I have a beloved friend who is once again stepping into the breach and trying to make it as an artist – I find her so inspiring.  She’s brilliant, though, so I’ve no doubt it’ll all get sorted.

Anyway, I came across this post at ink and spindle I thought was well worth sharing:  “The Formula – or ‘how to price your wares correctly'”




As my generation (X) comes into full adulthood and starts making a noticeable dent in the world, I’ve noticed a trend – a firm rejection of consumerism and the adoption of what I like to call a “Victory Garden Lifestyle”.  I feel like a lot of us are returning – going back to making things, making do, being more self-sufficient.  More of us are homesteading, sewing, knitting, crocheting, raising chickens, reducing, reusing, recycling, repairing … making things, making do and making better lives for ourselves.

The blogging subject of “Return” for this month’s NaBloPoMo seemed to mesh really well with what I’ve been thinking about along these lines, and in addition to talking about my own return (to these values and to my creative self) I wanted to take a look at some of these Victory Garden Lifeskills.

We’ve started gardening more and one thing I’ve struggled with is preservation.  We try to cook as we go to use what we grow (a rhyme, haha! ^_^)  but there’s always more than we can use.  Now, some I can freeze and some I can dehydrate (I’ve got a dehydrator.) but the next logical step, in my mind is canning.  Interestingly enough, I’ve run across two references to canning I thought I’d share.

Firstly, check out this awesome video about Classie Parker I found browsing Etsy the other day.  Have you seen this bit of awesomeness?

There’s a nice little writeup and a canning recipe here on Etsy’s blog.

Soulemama also wrote a great intro to canning I really love.  In it she lists helpful books, websites and then adds her own tips and thoughts.  I highly recommend it.  It also has lots of pretty pictures at the top. XD

I’m looking for more resources – if I find something Soulemama didn’t list, I’ll add it here.

FO Frustrations [NaBloPoMo]


I took a “mental health day” today – decided to sit and work on April Draven’s Star Slouchy Hat pattern.

Failed Hat

Exhibit 2

I frogged the green band at the bottom more times than I care to admit trying to get the decrease down – the way it’s “supposed to be done was just sliding off whatever part of my head I put it on.  I tried the suggested variation for a tighter fit, to no avail, so I fooled around for *way* longer than I care to admit trying to make this work. I ended up just finishing off the post stitches and finishing the hat off.  I *think* it was just too small thru the top – that’s my best guess.  I’m going to fool with the basic idea – good practice at least, and I kinda like the 32 bit pseudo-glow in the dark thing.

This project made me very aware I have a great deal to learn – I look forward to understanding what to do with in a situation like this, one of these days!

Recent Food Explorations [NaBloPoMo]


I’m struggling with what I believe are gluten issues this week.  If I’m right, it explains an awful lot.  I’ll probably be heading over to the doc as soon as I can manage it this week.  Here’s hoping.

If I do have to go gluten free, I’m a bit bummed about what that will mean for baking and other culinary pursuits.  Both Kittee (over at Cake Maker to the Stars) and Mary (over at Mitten Machen) have extensively documented their struggles to make vegan xGFx (gluten-free) baked goods (crusts, breads, etc.).  Other vegan and xGFx blogs can be found out there (the following taken from this PPK thread):

I’m still exploring these.

I have to say, I am VERY interested in pursuing a potential diagnosis – something I’m sure I’ll blog further on this month.  I do have some concerns tho – the most major being what looks to be the greater expense of trying to eat gluten-free – xanthan gum is 12 bucks at the local grocery, for instance.  I guess I should just be stoked they have it at all – it’s a small grocery.

On a totally opposite note, the local grocery chain in the area is carrying Gardein brand vegan meat analogs.  Everything we’ve tried is really fabulous.  I’ve some concerns that it won’t last, tho – they’ve already dropped the price on them.  On the other hand, if I go gluten free, I guess it won’t matter to me personally.  My oldest will be sorry, though.

Marinara Chick'n Good Stuff

Marinara Chick'n Good Stuff - the current fav - vegan cheez!!!!

We also made Whoopie Pies from My Sweet Vegan. They were OK, but need a lot of work before I’d be satisfied with them. I think the cookies should have been much smaller, for instance. Overall, I was surprised at the meh-factor – I’ve never made anything by Ms. Hannah I didn’t love – guess there’s a first time for everything.

A Smattering of Granny Square Inspirations [NaBloPoMo]


In keeping with my quick little post yesterday (NaBloPoMo keeps me posting, but antsy and short on time, some days. XD), I thought I’d share some of the web based inspiration I’ve found as I continue my quest towards granny-square-throw-FO-ness.

First off, check out this *KING SIZE* granny-square blanket over at YarnHog’s blog:

YarnHog's King-Sized Gloriousness

I’ll leave you to explore the blog entry, but a couple of points – it’s about 10 pounds, she figures, and it’s 9 feet square. 0.O

To go in a completely opposite direction, check out  Kirsty’s Granny Square ring over at her blog, Kootoyoo:

Ring Awesomesauce

Other inspirations have been PurlBee‘s blog entry “Joelle’s Giant Granny Square” and of course Attic24.  Here’s a fab pic of a WIP for her:

Attic 24's Latest Blanket - a Cot Blankie

I highly recommend her site.  She has some nice tutorials, including granny blanket edging,  joining granny squares as well as joining granny squares as you go.

On that note, PurlBee has a good basic tutorial.  I am also pleased to have Bev’s Country Cottage‘s page on granny squares.  Lots of pattern links and some sizing tips (“how many squares of what size do I need?”) here!