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A Smattering of Granny Square Inspirations [NaBloPoMo]


In keeping with my quick little post yesterday (NaBloPoMo keeps me posting, but antsy and short on time, some days. XD), I thought I’d share some of the web based inspiration I’ve found as I continue my quest towards granny-square-throw-FO-ness.

First off, check out this *KING SIZE* granny-square blanket over at YarnHog’s blog:

YarnHog's King-Sized Gloriousness

I’ll leave you to explore the blog entry, but a couple of points – it’s about 10 pounds, she figures, and it’s 9 feet square. 0.O

To go in a completely opposite direction, check out  Kirsty’s Granny Square ring over at her blog, Kootoyoo:

Ring Awesomesauce

Other inspirations have been PurlBee‘s blog entry “Joelle’s Giant Granny Square” and of course Attic24.  Here’s a fab pic of a WIP for her:

Attic 24's Latest Blanket - a Cot Blankie

I highly recommend her site.  She has some nice tutorials, including granny blanket edging,  joining granny squares as well as joining granny squares as you go.

On that note, PurlBee has a good basic tutorial.  I am also pleased to have Bev’s Country Cottage‘s page on granny squares.  Lots of pattern links and some sizing tips (“how many squares of what size do I need?”) here!


Granny Squares (WIP) [NaBloPoMo]


I took a break from it in the past few days, but until very recently I’ve been obsessed with Granny Squares.  It’s been good practice, and also a great way to use up old stash – specifically bag lots of yarn from Goodwill.  I had a whole bunch of scraps from sources like this.  So I’ve made a nice start on a granny square throw.  This is what I have so far:

Da Pile

Last I counted, there were 29 there.  I hope to get back to adding to them this evening – it’d be fun to get enough done for a throw before Thanksgiving.  There are a lot of weird colors I’m trying to use little bits of, and some of my combinations are questionable, I’m sure, but I’m trying to not exactly duplicate any square.  Those that you see below that look the same are all from different but similar yarns – I think the previous owner had a penchant for acrylic baby blanket making.  The odd ball is that little tiny scrap of hot pink – I found that wrapped *inside* another ball of yarn from that stash and felt like I should use it up, which I did.

All Spread Out

The I’ve noticed that that previous owner was also sloppy with her instant coffee.  Some of this yarn was gross enough when I bought it that it needed a run through the wash on delicate.  I keep finding little imperfections inside the yarn balls I’m using, which is a shame.  I hate to waste the yarn, so I go ahead and use it, but now I have a couple of squares with little spots like this:


(pardon the shoddy picture – the camera is getting a bit…worn out. ;P)

And this:

More spots...

I really want to use up this yarn – it seems wrong to not be frugal, to avoid wasting a resource, but I’m worried this isn’t going to come out.  Suggestions anyone?