My focus at the moment is crochet.  I prefer tighter crochets, so I imagine I’ll be trying tapestry crochet soon – love the idea of carrying color through stitches.  In the same vein, I like the idea of amigurumi, though I’m too chickent to try it, still.  Ravelry has absolutely tons of fun stuff in this department – check out the patterns available!

Right now I’m not even attempting knitting, though I’ll probably get back to it soon.  When I do, I have two main goals – learning colorwork, and learning entrelac.  I’m also looking forward to learning how to make socks!

I’ve been slowly (small budget) rehabbing my grandmother’s sewing machine.  I’m really looking forward to getting into sewing!

I’d like this to be a more complete page, but for now, here’s a nascent and eclectic list of places I go for encouragement and inspiration, creatively speaking:

For more interesting pics, see my blogroll side-bar – lots of stuff there.


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