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Via the Jafagirls Site: Knit Knot Tree II Needs Yarnbombing [NaBloPoMo]


Just a quickie today – running short on time, and I want to succeed at NaBloPoMo.  If you’re in the Yellow Springs, OH area – the JafaGirls are looking to yarn bomb the Knit Knot Tree – see here for more deets!

If you live in town or just want to visit please bring along your knitting or crochet piece and stitch it onto the tree.

Good luck to the JafaGirls!


Sneaky Crafting


Art ReclamationI absolutely adore sneaky crafting.  If there is something that will soak up entirely too much of my time, it’s guerilla knitting, or something along the lines of The Toy Society.  Colorful social commentary and joy spreading – can’t beat it.  ^_^

Some great links to check out: