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Blargh and Double Blargh


Well, I missed a day and got all morose about it – this is why I’ve not posted recently. My other half asked why I didn’t schedule posts for when things are busy.  Talk about a total facepalm moment. ;p

Betty still isn’t finished.  Sigh.  The DH swears it’ll be done this week.  We’ll see.

I’m mostly trying to stay up on just mom and work stuff right now.  I have plans, but we’ll see how they pan out.

As I move towards creative effort, I consider eventually supplementing my income.  I have a beloved friend who is once again stepping into the breach and trying to make it as an artist – I find her so inspiring.  She’s brilliant, though, so I’ve no doubt it’ll all get sorted.

Anyway, I came across this post at ink and spindle I thought was well worth sharing:  “The Formula – or ‘how to price your wares correctly'”


Getting Ready


Betty is still under repair, but hopefully this week. Parts have been going back into her and she looks a lot better.  I look forward to having a functional sewing machine, however. 😛

I picked up a couple of interesting books at Goodwill the other day:

How to Design Your Own Clothes and Make Your Own Patterns by Claudia Ein seems it’ll be an awesome reference.  It’s a bit older but it seems to me it’s filled with solid principles.  The other text is Sew Smart with Wovens, Knits, and Ultrasuede Fabric by Judy Lawrence and Clotilde.  The illustrated techniques within teach broader skills (like French seams) and I think it will come in handy.

I’m anxious to get sewing again, but at the same time, I’m a bit worried I’m going to be terrible at it.  It’s been a very long time.  So I’m breathing deep and letting myself start over.  While I wait for my machine I’m reading and gathering resources (fabrics, threads, etc.).



Well, let’s see –

  • I’m a bit nervous about it, but I’ve signed up for September’s NaBloPoMo.  I didn’t make it last time – hopefully this one will go better. ;P
  • I’ve updated my about page a bit – it was in drastic need of help.  Hopefully more changes on the way, “as we go”…..
  • I’m hoping the sewing machine will be done this week….
  • I am utterly exhausted today.  Gotta keep on truckin, though…..



… so my other half is behind me, taking Betty the rest of the way apart.  With a repair manual next to him.  I’m sweating bullets, but he swears it’s a good thing.  Sigh.  Keep your fingers crossed for me!!

(BTW – he busts Betty, I’ve informed him he’s buying me a brand new equivalent.  Ahem.)