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Vegan Knitting…and then some: Vegan Sock Yarn List


Found this browsing the web – looks to be a fabulous resource with pics, links, and more! ^_^  Woot!


The Hook and I Disagree…


Well, I’ve tried, and tried, but the whole crochet thing is just too uncomfortable right now.  I’ve switched to trying to relearn knitting (I was a kid last time I really made a go of it).  So far, it’s much better, though my technique is pathetic, haha.  I was really getting discouraged with my lack of crafting moxie.  Hopefully things will keep going in the same vein!!

I Think I’m in Love…. ^_^


allg-ip-cp-350x345-50 Via the Persnickety Knitter, I found this lovely guy.  Wow!  Not that I have any hope of something that glorious any time soon, but a gal can dream, yes?  ^_^  Anyway, hope P.K. doesn’t mind me borrowing the picture – what a lovely image and what great inspiration!!

Fruit from a New Obsession…


As I’m wont to do with a new/refreshed interest in something, I’m going hogwild with the internet research!  I thoughtWicked Crochet Toast Purse from Bitter Sweet I’d share some of the interesting links I’ve found, hopefully both for other’s interest, but also for future reference for me.  ^_^

Firstly I love the free patterns page over at BitterSweet, the blog of My Sweet Vegan author Hannah Kaminsky.  I totally gotta crochet a toast purse, just for fun, ya know.

On a more practical level I recently discovered these knitted fruit cozies in an old Vegan Lunch Box post.  Protecting fruit in a lunch box or briefcase is practical, but these are really cute and fruit-specific.  She’s included a link to the banana cozy design she came up with.

Along those lines, I’ve recently discovered Amigurumi.  How could I have missed that?  Seriously, ask my sister – I shouldn’t have missed that. 😛

I can totally see creatures from the oddball to the kawaii manifesting themselves on the end of my crochet hook.  Hurrah!  New goal!

Oh, and speaking of kawaii, I’m really looking forward to making kitty beds.  We’ve got kitties, my sister has a kitty, my folks have kitties….And then there’s always my local kitty rescue groups.  Ah, but as that’s in the future – I mean I’m nowhere near ready to knit that sort of thing, I will have to settle for this awesome page full of happy cats experiencing knitted bliss.

Margaret's Kitty, from the Gallery. Click da kitty to go her blog....