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Where I’m “At” Right now…





The theme for this month’s NaBloPoMo is “Return.”  I’m absolutely loving it!   This month represents:

  • a true return to blogging here
  • a return to sewing
  • a return to creativity of other sorts – knitting, crochet, drawing, music….
  • a return to making do and being truly frugal (reduce, reuse, recycle)
  • a return to who I am, really – I’ve been on a journey of rediscovery lately.
What have you been returning to, lately?

Rehabbing Betty

Betty doesn't feel well....

Betty doesn't feel well....

Well, she was “Betsy,” but my eldest has a clarinet already named Betsy and has informed me that it’s weird to have more than one inanimate object with the same name, so “Betty” it is. 😉  Sorry about the blurry shot, still getting the hang of my new DSLR.

This is a Singer Stylist 466k made in 1969.  It belonged to my paternal grandmother and is one of the only things I have that was hers.  I’ve wanted to get the machine up and running for a long time, and I’m finally getting to do it!  I had no idea when I started how much I’d learn and how many parts I’d need. D:

Dead gear.

Mostly it was a matter of not taking all the accessories with me when I left my grandparents house.  Still, this is a 40 plus year old machine that sat for quite a while, so a deep lube and service was in order.  I also found a bit of damage like what you see (or almost see) in the above photo – the black gear in the center of the photograph sat still so long that it crumbled into the white gear’s teeth upon startup.  Needless to say, I’ve parts on the way.

This has been weirdly anxious for me.  It’s hard to wait so long and then be delayed by damage.  I really look forward to sewing on my grandmother’s machine!





Haha – long time no blog! I guess I have a lot of irons in the fire at the moment! I’m trying to get organized, but it’s really an uphill struggle, especially on a ridiculously tight budget with too little space. (Five of us in a house with inadequate storage. :P)

Anyhoo – I’m looking to re-stoke my personal creative fires.

I’ve started a twitter feed specific to creative endeavors (crafts, quilting, cooking, etc.).  Mostly that means a whole bunch of folks I’m following — I’m hoping to absorb inspiration osmotically. 😀

I’m also sifting through the blogosphere. Via the The Quilted Librarian‘s blogroll, I’ve found a whole bunch of new goodies, blog-wise.  I’m especially grateful to have found Attic24 – not only is her blog lovely and fun to read, but Ms. Lucy’s blogroll is also full of yummy goodness!  I have so much juicy new stuff to read and follow!  Hurray!

The happily expecting Ms. Lucy would like you to see the lovely ripple baby blanket she has just finished making! ^_-

The happily expecting Ms. Lucy would like you to see the lovely ripple baby blanket she has just finished making! ^_-

Sneaky Crafting


Art ReclamationI absolutely adore sneaky crafting.  If there is something that will soak up entirely too much of my time, it’s guerilla knitting, or something along the lines of The Toy Society.  Colorful social commentary and joy spreading – can’t beat it.  ^_^

Some great links to check out:

LOL – Did it Again, Huh?


Well – life’s been crazy – we’re self employed and live in Florida – I figure that’s enough said about that. That, and my Dad has been critically ill with a failing liver – he got one! And none too soon – he was probably within a week or so of dying. Organ donation is such an amazing, joyful, gobsmacking thing – it turns lives around, lets people keep their sons, daughters, wives, mothers…..Please consider it if – heaven forbid – it becomes relevant.