This is a work in progress, so bear with me, please. ^_-

UnRavelations is a  creative endeavor (started 10/8/8 and recently de-mothballed), meant to, well, allow me to blog about my creative endeavors….I’m hoping it will inspire new creativity from me – something I really need right now.

So – a bit about me – I’m a married mom of 3, including on teenager. o.0  How’d that happen?  Anyhoo – taking care of them, and the um, fourth kid (the hubbie, ha-ha) keeps me busy, as does WAH stuff – I’m an internet research person and web-developer. (We have a 15 year old home-based web business.)  I also work part-time at Sundog Books in Seaside, FL – a job I absolutely love.

I’m vegan, so that affects my artistic/cooking choices.  However, my husband is omni, as is 1 of my 3 kids, so that certainly leads me to make choices that are palatable to all.

Oh – let’s see – some random things about me:

  • I’m a Cold War Baby, born in Europe.
  • I love dying bright colours in my hair but hate the upkeep that means for my hair.
  • I recently gave up editing my spelling – half of it’s English, as I spent formative school years over there.  So you’ll notice a mixture of both, as my husband lovingly suggested I quit stressing about it.  I also use a lot of English words for stuff like chips.
  • My thyroid is kablooey.  I’m about to have to deal with it full time – I’ve known it’s coming since kid number two came along, but biting the bullet in terms of care (especially as we’ve no insurance) is going to be interesting.  This also affects post frequency….
  • I have a secret passion for pink. >.>
  • Some of the people I’ve met: Sylvia Earle, Lorne Green, Grace Hopper, Nancy Swan Drew (not who you think), Anton Scalia, Douglas Adams…..

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