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Getting Ready


Betty is still under repair, but hopefully this week. Parts have been going back into her and she looks a lot better. ¬†I look forward to having a functional sewing machine, however. ūüėõ

I picked up a couple of interesting books at Goodwill the other day:

How to Design Your Own Clothes and Make Your Own Patterns by Claudia Ein seems it’ll be an awesome reference. ¬†It’s a bit older but it seems to me it’s filled with solid principles. ¬†The other text is Sew Smart with Wovens, Knits, and Ultrasuede Fabric by Judy Lawrence and Clotilde. ¬†The illustrated techniques within teach broader skills (like French seams) and I think it will come in handy.

I’m anxious to get sewing again, but at the same time, I’m a bit worried I’m going to be terrible at it. ¬†It’s been a very long time. ¬†So I’m breathing deep and letting myself start over. ¬†While I wait for my machine I’m reading and gathering resources (fabrics, threads, etc.).


A quick hello…


…I have plans for more robust posts as the month progresses, but it’s a busy Friday and I’ve yet to go to work….so here’s a short post to keep going with NaBloPoMo.

A little tidbit – as I’ve geared up to return to sewing I’ve been starting to build a presence for myself at a fairly new site – basically a Ravelry for sewers – called My Sewing Circle. It’s still developing but it looks to be pretty useful if development continues. You might check it out! ^_-

Oh, and just for fun – how ’bout some music:

Lovely Surprise


I’ve been going through a box of patterns I got in a job lot off of eBay – checking for completeness, sorting out what I’m going to sell or give away and so on. ¬† ¬†I was looking at this pattern

– when I realized I was feeling a pattern envelope that was way too thick for the pattern pieces that were included.

Nothing odd about the pattern pieces:

Huh. What’s this?

The surprise inside:

This is really pretty fabric (in my opinion), tucked away along time ago by a woman I’ll never get to meet. ¬†I’m sad it wasn’t her granddaughter or niece or the like that found this. ¬†What a little treasure. ¬†I’ll keep this with the pattern at least until I come up with the perfect way to use it.

A few more pictures of the fabric are below. ¬†The pics aren’t the best as they were taken inside at night, but I especially think the non-flash photo allows you to see the¬†translucence¬†of the pattern. ¬†I wish I knew what the fabric was….

Rehabbing Betty

Betty doesn't feel well....

Betty doesn't feel well....

Well, she was “Betsy,” but my eldest has a clarinet already named Betsy and has informed me that it’s weird to have more than one inanimate object with the same name, so “Betty” it is. ūüėČ ¬†Sorry about the blurry shot, still getting the hang of my new DSLR.

This is a Singer Stylist 466k made in 1969. ¬†It belonged to my paternal grandmother and is one of the only things I have that was hers. ¬†I’ve wanted to get the machine up and running for a long time, and I’m finally getting to do it! ¬†I had no idea when I started how much I’d learn and how many parts I’d need. D:

Dead gear.

Mostly it was a matter of not taking all the accessories with me when I left my grandparents house. ¬†Still, this is a 40 plus year old machine that sat for quite a while, so a deep lube and service was in order. ¬†I also found a bit of damage like what you see (or almost see) in the above photo – the black gear in the center of the photograph sat still so long that it crumbled into the white gear’s teeth upon startup. ¬†Needless to say, I’ve parts on the way.

This has been weirdly anxious for me. ¬†It’s hard to wait so long and then be delayed by damage. ¬†I really look forward to sewing on my grandmother’s machine!