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A quick hello…


…I have plans for more robust posts as the month progresses, but it’s a busy Friday and I’ve yet to go to work….so here’s a short post to keep going with NaBloPoMo.

A little tidbit – as I’ve geared up to return to sewing I’ve been starting to build a presence for myself at a fairly new site – basically a Ravelry for sewers – called My Sewing Circle. It’s still developing but it looks to be pretty useful if development continues. You might check it out! ^_-

Oh, and just for fun – how ’bout some music:


Today’s Musical Grooves…


Trying to stay mellow today – here’s what I’m listening to:

Over the Rhine – take a listen to “Trouble”:

(Thanks to wise craft for the link!)

Here’s Stornoway‘s “Fuel Up”:

And in a somewhat similar vein, here’s a little something from Iron and Wine: