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Well, let’s see –

  • I’m a bit nervous about it, but I’ve signed up for September’s NaBloPoMo.  I didn’t make it last time – hopefully this one will go better. ;P
  • I’ve updated my about page a bit – it was in drastic need of help.  Hopefully more changes on the way, “as we go”…..
  • I’m hoping the sewing machine will be done this week….
  • I am utterly exhausted today.  Gotta keep on truckin, though…..

I’m Still Out Here….


… just feeling a bit frazzled.  As I’m sure is the case for many, we’ve been working hard to stay above water, so niceties like blogging got put aside for a while. 😛  Still more or less in the same position (thanks, BP! -.-), but we’ll get there, and in the meantime, I’ve decided to come back to blogging and pursuing creative outlets in an effort to stay sane. o.O Anyway, so – to bring things back to all things creative and crafty – here’s a new (to me!) concept I’m looking at trying out – crocheting with poptabs from soda cans.  Check out these great links (links pulled from (and adapted from) a fab thread on Ravelry):

Pop Tab Wrap

  • Tutorial for making a large crocheted pop tab purse.
  • Here you can find has instructions for making pop tab flowers (which you can use as motifs for larger items).
  • This one is in Portugese, but the pictures are pretty self-explanitory and could be used as a guide for designing your own (she does rows instead of flowers).”
  • This ebook has patterns for making purses, baskets, vests, bracelets, skirts, and dresses. I don’t know if it uses crochet, though.”

I also found:

Am I Boring You? ;D [NaBloPoMo]


Yeah, thought I might be. ^_-

I have this perpetual urge to make little classifications and subdivisions to work I’m doing on the computer.  I like to make meta-indexes – you know, stratified, taxonified collections of links to information?  For instance, an index on Hawai’i (which I have), with a subpage on Maui, with a subpage on – oh, I dunno – small local businesses, with a subpage on cafés possibly with subpages arranged by town or region.  I don’t know if it’s OCD or just being the daughter of a librarian, but gathering in huge amounts of information and then creating a cross-referenced index out of it is just my cup of tea.  I’m good at it.

Anyway, I’ve had this tendency to want to do the same with blogging.  I’ll not share how many blogs I have, but it’s a small slew, all by category of interest.  One of them does pretty well for itself, but I’m not ready to share it here, methinks.  However, I think the rest of them are perhaps not robust enough because I keep trying to hive out little chunks of thought streams.

SO – to that end, I think that, excepting topics that go better on that one blog I mentioned, I’m going to broaden the focus of UnRavelations and let it be my general blog for the moment.  However, I’m still very much in a crafty state of mind, so there will still be plenty of *that.*  I just plan on this being a more well-rounded journal.

I need to bounce – almost time to pick up the little dudes from school – but I thought I’d leave you with one of the better costume ideas I saw this Halloween:


Bush Costumes

The two boys dressed up here said they were bushes.  And what looks like Spanish moss there is actually all yarn.  Looks a bit like ghillie suits, but not quite, at least not to me.  In any case, I thought they were fab!



Haha – long time no blog! I guess I have a lot of irons in the fire at the moment! I’m trying to get organized, but it’s really an uphill struggle, especially on a ridiculously tight budget with too little space. (Five of us in a house with inadequate storage. :P)

Anyhoo – I’m looking to re-stoke my personal creative fires.

I’ve started a twitter feed specific to creative endeavors (crafts, quilting, cooking, etc.).  Mostly that means a whole bunch of folks I’m following — I’m hoping to absorb inspiration osmotically. 😀

I’m also sifting through the blogosphere. Via the The Quilted Librarian‘s blogroll, I’ve found a whole bunch of new goodies, blog-wise.  I’m especially grateful to have found Attic24 – not only is her blog lovely and fun to read, but Ms. Lucy’s blogroll is also full of yummy goodness!  I have so much juicy new stuff to read and follow!  Hurray!

The happily expecting Ms. Lucy would like you to see the lovely ripple baby blanket she has just finished making! ^_-

The happily expecting Ms. Lucy would like you to see the lovely ripple baby blanket she has just finished making! ^_-

LOL – Did it Again, Huh?


Well – life’s been crazy – we’re self employed and live in Florida – I figure that’s enough said about that. That, and my Dad has been critically ill with a failing liver – he got one! And none too soon – he was probably within a week or so of dying. Organ donation is such an amazing, joyful, gobsmacking thing – it turns lives around, lets people keep their sons, daughters, wives, mothers…..Please consider it if – heaven forbid – it becomes relevant.



Long time no post, eh?

Well, as I’m sure it is for a lot of y’all, there’s a lot keeping me busy right now.  Just trying to keep above water, ya know?

So – last minute changes have me making cookies as a quick gift for a moved up Christmas celebration – so far I’ve made Breakfast Cookies/Kitchen Sink Cookies (Vegan) and Nutty Oatmeal Raisin Cookies from La Dolce Vegan, the latter of which I forgot to photograph before I wrapped em up.  (I just took some ratty pics of some wrapped in plastic, which, while not sustainable, is allowing me to make this more budget friendly – I already had some plastic wrap languishing on my pantry shelves.)

In the oven at the moment are Okara (or Tofu) Coconut Cookies – never tried anything quite like these before – crossing my fingers that they’ll turn out.   I’m sure there will be several others – I’ll post pics as I get em done. XD