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Blargh and Double Blargh


Well, I missed a day and got all morose about it – this is why I’ve not posted recently. My other half asked why I didn’t schedule posts for when things are busy.  Talk about a total facepalm moment. ;p

Betty still isn’t finished.  Sigh.  The DH swears it’ll be done this week.  We’ll see.

I’m mostly trying to stay up on just mom and work stuff right now.  I have plans, but we’ll see how they pan out.

As I move towards creative effort, I consider eventually supplementing my income.  I have a beloved friend who is once again stepping into the breach and trying to make it as an artist – I find her so inspiring.  She’s brilliant, though, so I’ve no doubt it’ll all get sorted.

Anyway, I came across this post at ink and spindle I thought was well worth sharing:  “The Formula – or ‘how to price your wares correctly'”


Things that Inspire Me Today


justPictures » a daily photoblog by Fran Simó

Genju’s lovely enso-filled, contemplative zen blog.
I always learn something here.

And finally, less inspiration and more just plain fun:  this etsy seller.

NFB.ca is Amazing


If you’ve yet to check out this wonderful site – please go and be inspired.

Enjoy documentariesanimationsalternative dramas and interactive productions on the web, on yourpersonalized home page, or on your iPhone. Don’t forget to check out our trailersplaylists and upcoming online releases. Free for personal use and on a subscription basis for schools and institutions.

Am I Boring You? ;D [NaBloPoMo]


Yeah, thought I might be. ^_-

I have this perpetual urge to make little classifications and subdivisions to work I’m doing on the computer.  I like to make meta-indexes – you know, stratified, taxonified collections of links to information?  For instance, an index on Hawai’i (which I have), with a subpage on Maui, with a subpage on – oh, I dunno – small local businesses, with a subpage on cafés possibly with subpages arranged by town or region.  I don’t know if it’s OCD or just being the daughter of a librarian, but gathering in huge amounts of information and then creating a cross-referenced index out of it is just my cup of tea.  I’m good at it.

Anyway, I’ve had this tendency to want to do the same with blogging.  I’ll not share how many blogs I have, but it’s a small slew, all by category of interest.  One of them does pretty well for itself, but I’m not ready to share it here, methinks.  However, I think the rest of them are perhaps not robust enough because I keep trying to hive out little chunks of thought streams.

SO – to that end, I think that, excepting topics that go better on that one blog I mentioned, I’m going to broaden the focus of UnRavelations and let it be my general blog for the moment.  However, I’m still very much in a crafty state of mind, so there will still be plenty of *that.*  I just plan on this being a more well-rounded journal.

I need to bounce – almost time to pick up the little dudes from school – but I thought I’d leave you with one of the better costume ideas I saw this Halloween:


Bush Costumes

The two boys dressed up here said they were bushes.  And what looks like Spanish moss there is actually all yarn.  Looks a bit like ghillie suits, but not quite, at least not to me.  In any case, I thought they were fab!

Sneaky Crafting


Art ReclamationI absolutely adore sneaky crafting.  If there is something that will soak up entirely too much of my time, it’s guerilla knitting, or something along the lines of The Toy Society.  Colorful social commentary and joy spreading – can’t beat it.  ^_^

Some great links to check out: