Skeins Scare Me or My Battle with Yarn Balls

My First Yarn Ball ^_^  -- Berrocco Comfort

My First Yarn Ball ^_^ -- Berrocco Comfort

Well, at least a little bit.  While both the yarn skeins I bought the other day were center-pull, I decided to roll up the Comfort one for practice, using this post over at Ariadne’s weblog as a guide.  (I hear congratulations are in order over there, ya know.^_^)   I had tremendous luck rolling my first ever yarn ball – I even took a picture, haha!

However, after that, I tried a variety of suggestions, both online and from two books.  Now the online one worked out fine, but my skein management failed miserably.  I went from a nice neat skein, to a tangled mess.  I tried advice from the Klutz books I got recently, as well as Stitch n’ Bitch.  Now the suggestion from the Klutz books is to drap a skein over a chair edge.  I can see that – just not the way it is portrayed in the Crochet book.  I’ll spare you the gory details, but I was finally able to figure out that my husband’s top desk drawer was wide enough to keep my skein from slipping off and tangling, so all of my skein’s from the Klutz books are now properly rolled.  Now to actually dive deep into the actual practice of knitting and crochet. 😛


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