The Local Yarn Shop


Well, I finally got around to going to my first yarn shop in a very, very long time last week.  Meant to blog about it between here and there, but life’s been busy….

Anyhoo, got a little late birthday pin money from my MIL, so off I went to hunt down my very own LYS:

Destin Yarn Shop

Destin Yarn Shop

And there it is!  ^_^  I am *almost* too embarrassed to mention how excited I was when I realized I’d found it.  And what fun it was – lots of colors and textures…

LYS Goodies

LYS Goodies

Anyway, I controlled myself and bought some size 9 needles and two types of yarn. 😛  Gonna make a potato chip scarf, a free pattern from owner Carol Williams that I’m sure most have you have seen before.  It’s supposed to be easy.  Guess we’ll see, lol.


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  1. I’m so excited that you love Carol’s shop too. The potato chip scarf is adorable–and so easy! Have fun.
    I’m going to visit DYS after payday. Time for a couple quick Christmas projects!

    • ^_^ Thanks for the comment! I look forward to getting back over there soon – it’s a lovely place, plus Carol’s lovely, too. So glad DYS is there!

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