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Vegan Knitting…and then some: Vegan Sock Yarn List


Found this browsing the web – looks to be a fabulous resource with pics, links, and more! ^_^  Woot!


The Hook and I Disagree…


Well, I’ve tried, and tried, but the whole crochet thing is just too uncomfortable right now.  I’ve switched to trying to relearn knitting (I was a kid last time I really made a go of it).  So far, it’s much better, though my technique is pathetic, haha.  I was really getting discouraged with my lack of crafting moxie.  Hopefully things will keep going in the same vein!!

I Think I’m in Love…. ^_^


allg-ip-cp-350x345-50 Via the Persnickety Knitter, I found this lovely guy.  Wow!  Not that I have any hope of something that glorious any time soon, but a gal can dream, yes?  ^_^  Anyway, hope P.K. doesn’t mind me borrowing the picture – what a lovely image and what great inspiration!!

Sneaky Crafting


Art ReclamationI absolutely adore sneaky crafting.  If there is something that will soak up entirely too much of my time, it’s guerilla knitting, or something along the lines of The Toy Society.  Colorful social commentary and joy spreading – can’t beat it.  ^_^

Some great links to check out: