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Quick Cookie Post


Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies

I took some quick snapshots (using my old camera) of the cookies I took to a friend’s Thanksgiving party.  (I made pumpkin chocolate chip cupcakes from Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World, too, but totally forgot to photograph them.  They were good, but very rich!)  Please forgive the first blurry pic – I didn’t realize how bad a pic it was until the, um, evidence was gone. 😉

These are The Best and Easiest Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies, recipe found at  This is a very simple recipe, and I think that I’m going to try to make it xGFx (gluten-free) soon – should be easy as the recipe only calls for half a cup of flour as it is.

Gotta run – need to sort out lunch supplies for this coming school week – my latest crochet projects will have to wait until later I suppose.

Have a great Sunday!



Recent Food Explorations [NaBloPoMo]


I’m struggling with what I believe are gluten issues this week.  If I’m right, it explains an awful lot.  I’ll probably be heading over to the doc as soon as I can manage it this week.  Here’s hoping.

If I do have to go gluten free, I’m a bit bummed about what that will mean for baking and other culinary pursuits.  Both Kittee (over at Cake Maker to the Stars) and Mary (over at Mitten Machen) have extensively documented their struggles to make vegan xGFx (gluten-free) baked goods (crusts, breads, etc.).  Other vegan and xGFx blogs can be found out there (the following taken from this PPK thread):

I’m still exploring these.

I have to say, I am VERY interested in pursuing a potential diagnosis – something I’m sure I’ll blog further on this month.  I do have some concerns tho – the most major being what looks to be the greater expense of trying to eat gluten-free – xanthan gum is 12 bucks at the local grocery, for instance.  I guess I should just be stoked they have it at all – it’s a small grocery.

On a totally opposite note, the local grocery chain in the area is carrying Gardein brand vegan meat analogs.  Everything we’ve tried is really fabulous.  I’ve some concerns that it won’t last, tho – they’ve already dropped the price on them.  On the other hand, if I go gluten free, I guess it won’t matter to me personally.  My oldest will be sorry, though.

Marinara Chick'n Good Stuff

Marinara Chick'n Good Stuff - the current fav - vegan cheez!!!!

We also made Whoopie Pies from My Sweet Vegan. They were OK, but need a lot of work before I’d be satisfied with them. I think the cookies should have been much smaller, for instance. Overall, I was surprised at the meh-factor – I’ve never made anything by Ms. Hannah I didn’t love – guess there’s a first time for everything.