Lovely Surprise


I’ve been going through a box of patterns I got in a job lot off of eBay – checking for completeness, sorting out what I’m going to sell or give away and so on.    I was looking at this pattern

– when I realized I was feeling a pattern envelope that was way too thick for the pattern pieces that were included.

Nothing odd about the pattern pieces:

Huh. What’s this?

The surprise inside:

This is really pretty fabric (in my opinion), tucked away along time ago by a woman I’ll never get to meet.  I’m sad it wasn’t her granddaughter or niece or the like that found this.  What a little treasure.  I’ll keep this with the pattern at least until I come up with the perfect way to use it.

A few more pictures of the fabric are below.  The pics aren’t the best as they were taken inside at night, but I especially think the non-flash photo allows you to see the translucence of the pattern.  I wish I knew what the fabric was….


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