Change of Pace


I think that I have been limiting myself in terms of scope on this blog, and also being very impatient with myself in terms of my own creativity.  I am still poking along working on learning to knit – hopefully I’ll get back to that soon.  Right now a lot of my focus is both inward (I am a Buddhist, and I have been renewing my practice.) and then also written – I’ve been working on various blogs and also story ideas.  I’m hoping that these focuses (or is that foci?) come into fruition.

One thing I love about the internet in its latest iteration is the wonderful celebration of creativity I see.  So many blogs of folks expressing themselves through writing or crafting or other artistic pursuits.  There’s so much to see out there – so many lovely things, so many inspiring things.  Part of my new focus in this blog is to follow my explorations of the creative side of the net – posting on what I find, and perhaps also on what fruit I draw from them.

So – in that vein – here’s a video I found today.  I like the way the topic is explored visually:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about "Begging Bowl on Vimeo", posted with vodpod


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