Telling a Good Yarn, and a Tiny Project


Howdy, y’all – hope this finds you well.  It’s lovely here – very temperate.


So, I finally got back in the swing of doing a little crochet – doing a very simple project, as I’m such an abject beginner.  I’m making a thin little scarf, not measuring or anything.  Gonna give it to youngest son, as the blue of the yarn will match his lovely blue eyes. ^_^  I’m using this pattern from Adventures in Crochet as inspiration – kinda obsessed with moss stitch right now….  Not gonna take pics right now – I’m sure they’d be horrifying, lol – I keep having to start and stop my work, then there’s just the fact that this me attempting to crochet, haha!  ^_-

Speaking of ha-ha’s – I’ve been having fun exploring the blogosphere of late – via Flying Pig Knits, which I love to visit, I found The adventures of Gladys and Harold Quimby, which I’m absolutely adoring – her latest two posts (3/7 and 3/6) had me in stitches.  (No pun intended! o.0)


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