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Vegan amoungst the leaves
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So – next step – finding vegan fibers to work with. I’m guessing I need to stick to synthetic stuff like acrylic to begin with?  I’ve fund a bunch of lovely handmade fiber for sale on the net, but nothing that a noob like me such probably touch for a while.  As I understand it, the natural fibers in vegan yarn are less flexible and forgiving? Hmm….

Anyway, I’ve been looking for resources lately.  There’s Etsy, of course.  I found an old blog called Vegan Yarn that has a collection of links, but it’s not current.  Any suggestions, y’all?


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  1. There are really starting to be some decent quality, but inexpensive cellulose yarns available to experiment with until you feel confident. There are also some nice middle of the road (price-wise) soy, bamboo, hemp and rayon yarns. My feeling is not to experiment with really cheapo yarn because you want to actually ‘like’ the finished product, and want to wear it or feel confident giving it away as a gift. Just remember that most vegetable based yarns have more drape and are less springy and forgiving, so blends that include a bit of nylon or acrylic will give you the bounce to make items that need to spring back into shape.

    Check out or head to your local yarn store. Even the big craft store chains have finally started carrying some organic and color grown cottons. You’d be surprised what you can get that’s both really decent to work with and relatively inexpensive.

  2. Carrie – a big thank you for the encouraging and “tipful” comment! Woot – more helpful grist for the mill!

    o.0 I’ve gotta watch those exclamation points – they appear to be attempting a takeover….

  3. You might want to check out something like a cotton-bamboo blend: then you get the shine and drape of bamboo with the sturdiness of cotton. Lots of mainstream brands are coming out with sheep-free fibers lately, so there’s a lot more to choose from.
    Have fun! 🙂

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